AVAXTARS is an idle browser game build on the Avalanche Blockchain Platform with the Play to Earn (P2E) model. 

Users can use ERC-721 NFTs to produce new ones and may earn $AVXT which is the main gaming token of the Avaxtars and limited to 1,000,000 hardcap.

With a solid roadmap Avaxtars have been delivering new mechanics, earnings and fun to the users. Following a major update in December 2021, Avaxtars is aiming to launch on other blockchain platforms within 2022. Join this rapidly end exponentially growing adventure and become a part of the first Blockhain wars in a real multiverse experience.

Every Avaxtar is a digitally generated avatar. Images of Avaxtars are saved on IPFS and their existence is recorded on Avalanche Mainnet as unique ERC-721 Tokens. To create an Avaxtar we are using a Digital Genetic Code (DGC) and we create a hash value of these genes, so we guarantee that all of the Avaxtars are different than each other. 

This is correct. We licensed an SVG Avatar Generator tool and we have the right to use it commercially in AVAXTARS. Anyone can use this tool on the internet to generate other avatars for free and download PNG or SVG files to their computers. But those avatars are not a part of AVAXTARS!

We are using our own algorithm to generate Avaxtars and guarantee that all of them are unique. They are bound to the ERC-721 NFT tokens and created on Avalanche Blockchain Platform using our Smart Contract. This process makes all the Avaxtars unique and available to be used in the AVAXTARS game.

Please be aware of scammers and always check the origin of Avaxtar NFTs on Avalanche C-Chain Explorer.

Creating an Avaxtar is just a beginning of a great adventure. If you like your Avaxtar you can keep it as long as you want to be bounded as an ERC-721 Token to your Metamask wallet. 

You can add a Personal Avaxtar Generation Machine (PAGM) to your collection and start farming new Avaxtars and earn $AVXT Tokens.

You will be able to send them to missions with the Phase 3 of Avaxtars. We are going to launch this update in December 2021.


Avaxtars have generations. There are only 10.000 Generation 1 (Gen1) Avaxtars and the are for sale on our main page. We'll not generate additional Gen1 Avaxtars.

It's possible to create new Avaxtars beyond the Gen1 ones using a special device called Personal Avaxtar Generation Machine (PAGM). Those Avaxtars are Generation 2 (Gen2) and there is no limit for them.

  • Gen1 Avaxtars are limited to 10.000
  • Gen1 Avaxtars can be used on PAGM devices to generate Gen2 Avaxtars
  • Gen1 Avaxtars has a special ability called BoxDrop
  • Gen1 Avaxtars will have special abilities in the upcoming phases of Avaxtars Game
  • Gen1 Avaxtars will be able to participate missions in the upcoming phases of Avaxtars Game
  • Gen2 Avaxtars will be able to participate missions in the upcoming phases of Avaxtars Game
  • We will anoounce more about Gen2 Avaxtars in the future

At the moment Gen1 Avaxtars can be generated by using $AVAX on our Mainpage. Another way to get a Gen1 Avaxtar is using our Marketplace by spending $AVAX. You can find more information about $AVAX here

$AVAX is the main cryptocurrency of Avalanche Blockchain Platform. First of all, you need to have or get some $AVAX. You can use crypto exchanges to buy $AVAX with fiat money (USD, Euro, TRY, etc.). You can find a list of Crypto Exchanges here where you can buy $AVAX with fiat money.

The next step is creating an AVAX Web Wallet. It's as easy as creating a social media account. But don't forget you have to note and cover your key phrase that contains 24 words. Those are very important to access your wallet again.

When your AVAX Web Wallet is ready and you logged in, now you can copy your X-Chain Address and send some $AVAX from your crypto exchange account to your AVAX Web Wallet X-Chain Address.

When your $AVAX transferred from your crypto exchange account to your AVAX Web Wallet now you are ready for a Cross Chain transfer.

Avalanche Blockchain Platform has 3 different chains. X, P and C. You need to transfer your $AVAX from X-Chain to C-Chain. It is very easy and you can complete this by using Cross Chain menu in your AVAX Web Wallet.

Now you need to install Metamask Wallet on your internet browser. You can download the Metamask extension from here. You can easily create a Metamask Account as you have done on AVAX Web Wallet. Don't forget to note and cover your Metamask key phrase words and password. You may need them in the future.

Now you can send $AVAX from your AVAX Web Wallet C-Chain to Metamask Wallet Address.

If you have done all of those steps successfully you may reload Avaxtars Home Page and click to Buy Avaxtars button. Our website detects your Metamask Extension and asks for permission to add Avalanche Network to your Metamask. Please approve this. You are ready to generate an Avaxtar now :)

All of those steps sound a little bit weird but you need to do those steps only once and you can use your Metamask Avalanche Wallet forever on any other web-based applications using the Avalanche Network.

This video may help you and we are going to publish our guiding video soon. Don't forget you don't need to add a new Network as shown on the video, we are doing this automatically for you when you reload our website if your Metamask account is ready to be used.

You can generate 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 Avaxtars at the same time by clicking on the Buy Avaxtars button on our Home Page. When Metamask asks your permission, approve it. Our system will create your unique Avaxtars automatically and put them in your wallet.

You need to add the AVAXTARS NFT Token Address to your Metamask Wallet. To do this please follow these steps;

  • Be sure that Avalanche Mainnet is selected on your Metamask Network list
  • On your Metamask Assets Tab, scroll down to the end
  • Click on Add Token
  • Select Custom Token Tab
  • Enter 0x53d2230EAC25643cd0772B310EEBb569a100eA73 as Token Address
  • Confirm

Now you should see the number of AVAXTARS NFT Tokens in your wallet.

Please consider that; at the moment Metamask does not support ERC-721 Token transfers directly from Metamask Wallet. We hope Metamask will add this feature soon.

$AVXT Token is a crypto-asset that was generated on Avalanche Blockchain Platform using ERC-20 Token standard.

The hard-cap of $AVXT is 1,000,000 Tokens and 1 $AVXT has 6 decimal places which we call XT.


Hard Cap1,000,000The maximum supply of the $AVXT Token
Minted200,000Will be minted more during later game phases
Team150,000Dev. Purposes
Boxes102,300Reserved for BoxDrop Abilities, claimed partially
Airdrop100,000Distributed particially
Farming647,700Will be distributed via game progress (PAGMs, Missions, etc.)
1 AVXT=1,000,000 XT 


All wallets, those carrying at least 1 Avaxtar, were awarded $AVXT Token Airdrop. All tokens were distributed corresponding to the total Avaxtars in the wallets regardless of the rarity levels.

A Social Media AirDrop was launched and all applications (who is not a bot or has not a Twitter account that is dedicated to the AirDrops) were awarded $AVXT Tokens

You may use PAGM devices to generate new Avaxtars and get some $AVXT tokens if the creation process successful.

You may read our Roadmap for further information about getting and spending $AVXT Tokens.


We will only list $AVXT Token on Crypto Exchanges if they do not require any payment to do so. MEXC is the first central exchange (CeX) to list $AVXT in this manner. So, if any other crypto exchange decides to list $AVXT in the same way, we will gladly accept it.

In addition to that our users created some $AVXT - $AVAX Pools on Pangolin and Trader Joe. Those pools can be used to trade $AVXT Tokens.

There is no limit, you can buy as many PAGM devices as you want. However, you have to make this purchase on the PAGM Marketplace and theoretically, you can buy as many PAGMs as available in market. We suggest players to buy one PAGM device per 2 Gen1 or Gen2 Avaxtars they have.

PAGM devices are limited to 5,000 and there will be no more PAGM devices in the future.

PAGM devices has no use limit and playes can use them as many times as they want.

Gen1 Avaxtars will return to your wallet and you can use your PAGM device again. In addition to this all failed PAGM Processes will generate some $DGC Tokens. You may read all the details about Avaxtars Tokenomics here.

On the other hand if a player uses $AVXT Tokens to speed up the PAGM Process and PAGM fails, those tokens will not return back to player.

This is a common situation when you begin transferring your InGame Tokens to your OnChain Wallet Address but do not finish the process on your Metamask or something goes wrong during the Metamask confirmation process. Don't worry, the solution is simple. 

On the left side of your My-Wallet Page, you can easily see that there are unfinished transfers. You can finish them by clicking the Finalize button. On Metamask, confirm the transaction. Your tokens should be transferred to your Metamask account successfully.

There are is no defined date for Phase 3 at the moment but we are aiming to start it before 2022