Dear Agent,

Welcome to Avax Stars Network. We also call it Avaxtars.

We are calling everyone to become a digital hero and join an epic adventure.

Total Avaxtars Created: 6924

Current Avaxtar Generation Cost: 2 AVAX

Phase 2 has started.

$AVXT Token Contract Address: 0x397bBd6A0E41bdF4C3F971731E180Db8Ad06eBc1

BoxDrop is a special ability for the first 10.000 AVAXTARS only. Don't miss this chance! Read all details here.

Telegram Group: AvaxtarsGlobal



Genetic Code Generation Costs

Every Avaxtar has a unique digital genetic code but genetic codes are not limitless. It's getting harder to create a new unique genetic code after every new Avaxtar creation. Thus, creating new Avaxtars getting more expensive in time.

From To Price
0 249 Completed
250 499 Completed
500 749 Completed
750 999 Completed
1000 1249 Completed
1250 1499 Completed
1500 1999 Completed
2000 2499 Completed
2500 3499 Completed
3500 4499 Completed
4500 6499 Completed
6500 8499 2
8500 9999 3

Character Distribution by Rarity

All Avaxtars have a unique Digital Genetic Code (DGC). During the DGC generation process, the quality of DGC differs based on many parameters. This is the main reason some Avaxtars have more powerful DGC than the others. As we are going to generate 10000 Avaxtars here are the distribution percentages of the DGC variations.

Total Avaxtars 10.000 Distribution Badge
Common 4.500 45%
Uncommon 3.000 30%
Rare 2.000 20%
Epic 400 4%
Legend 100 1%


Every Avaxtar is a digitally generated avatar. Images of Avaxtars are saved on IPFS and their existence is recorded on Avalanche Mainnet as unique ERC-721 Tokens.

To create an Avaxtar we are using a digital genetic code (DGC) and we create a hash value of these genes, so we guarantee that all of the Avaxtars are different than each other.

Their existence is bound to their owners. During the creation period, the cost of an Avaxtar is covered by the Agents (You).

Agents may have any number of Avaxtars they want as long as they cover their creation cost.

Every Avaxtar is born with a name bound to it and the owner can change it with the upcoming updates.


Creating an Avaxtar is just a beginning of a great adventure. If you like your Avaxtar you can keep it as long as you want to be bounded as an ERC-721 Token to your Metamask wallet.

At the moment Avaxtars is on Phase One period. We want to sure that enough Avaxtars going to be created and get ready for their missions.

Whenever the creation of all Avaxtars will be completed then Phase Two will start*. You may check our roadmap for further exciting information.
*We are aware that this will take some time so we'll start Phase 2 at the end of Mai 2021.


At the moment it is not possible to create a custom Avaxtar due to the complicated digital genetic code structure. On the other hand, please try searching for new Avaxtars on our Avaxtar Marketplace and Browser. We are sure that there are some Avaxtars you going to like and want to company.


Prof. Jo Brekke Jr.
Price: 20.00 AVAX
Dangelo Auer II
Price: 10.00 AVAX
Vella Dibbert DVM
Price: 3.00 AVAX
Heber Paucek
Price: 5.00 AVAX

We completely know that from time to time Agents and their Avaxtars cannot be bound to each other. If you won’t feel this special bond between yourself and your Avaxtar you may put it on the Avaxtar Marketplace with a price. We are sure that someone else can build a stronger relationship with those Avaxtars and whenever any other Agent decides to buy it, the payment will be forwarded directly to your Metamask Wallet by cutting only a 5% fee to cover the expenses of Avaxtar Marketplace managed by a Smart Contract on the Avalanche C-Chain. And don’t forget; you can also search other Avaxtars on Marketplace and you may find a new Avaxtar as your soulmate.