Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Emin Gün Sirer (el33th4xor), a group of experts named Rocket Team launched the Avalanche Blockchain network on September 21, 2020. The platform was a great success in a short time.


While the calendars showed the year 2039, computer systems were now using Quantum processors. The Internet had a new structure called Quantnet that works on pico-scale wormholes with quantum entanglement. Avalanche was powering millions of services and countless applications all over the world with its 53.7 version. Transaction speed per second reached EGS*1012 is wrong...

Working on a new development for Avalanche, Rocket Team coincidentally discovered a unique broadcast cycle on Quantnet. It is not possible to limit or isolate this cycle. It was concealing itself by acting as a fundamental element of every system. It is clear that something is wrong...

Rocket Team had discovered a danger that could end our civilization.

Rolling up their sleeves to combat this danger, the team finally found a way to limit the unknown cycle. Avatars, which can be produced with very special Digital Genetic Codes, became the key to winning the war by connecting to their real owners. When the mysterious enemy infects the created digital Avatars, it can be isolated and destroyed in Quantnet thanks to the developed Quantorganic structure. It's very clear, duty is waiting for all of us.