Limited Time Feature: Loot Boxes

After one year of adventure, hard work, incidents, comebacks and fun we had accomplished many “first time” in GameFi; all together. To celebrate our first year, we release a limited time new feature: Looting & LootBoxes. Looting feature will last 2 weeks, as a bonus event. Players will find Looting Missions as a separate Section under GameFi > Missions. Let’s dive in details.

Enhanced LootBox


  • LootBoxes will contain Weapons and Gears. Players will be able to use their Wepaons and Gears to improve their success rate on the missions or sell them on the marketplace for profit.
  • LootBoxes will drop based on Avaxtars’ success rate on the missions.
  • Each LootBox will contain 1 item (Weapon or Gear). 
  • There will be two kinds of LootBoxes: Enhanced LootBox and Standart LootBox.
  • Standart Lootbox will contain 2 rarity type of items; Common & Uncommon. While the probability of a Common item drop will be 80 percent, the probability of an Uncommon item drop will be 20 percent.
  • Enhanced LootBox will contain 4 rarity type of items; Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legend. Drop chances of items according to their rarities will be 50 percent for Uncommon, 40 percent for Rare, 8 percent for Epic and 2 percent for Legend.
  • Looting Mission’s cost will be 1 000 AVXT.

    Standard LootBox