v4.6.8 - 04/01/2023

  • Deprecation of Crypto Mandala
  • End of Avaxtar Farming (Gen2 Avaxtar production with PAGM and Gen1 Avaxtars)
  • Start of Gen1 Avaxtar burning process
  • Launching Rune, obtaining Rune by burning CFG and activating Rune Merge
  • Starting to impose sanctions on the use of unwanted applications
  • UI&UX Update for Equipping Gen2 Avaxtars
  • Adjustment of Black Market Missions (Due to deprecation of Crypto Mandala and change of token ratios)

v4.6.7 - 30/11/2022

  • Quartering for Mission Rewards
  • Small Adjustments for Missions' Rewards (The difference in Experience Points and Rarity will become clearer with this update)
  • Added new missions (Up to Level 60)
  • Added Hidden Missions
  • The maximum number of concurrent CFGs per account has been increased from 1 to 3
  • PAGM Burn mechanic has been activated

v4.6.6 - 18/11/2022

  • Further visual improvements and customization for items
  • Item Upgrade function has been activated
  • The restrictions on using multiple DGCGs and UCs on the same account has been removed
  • Rune function has been activated
  • PAGM and Gen1 Avaxtar mechanics for Avaxtar Farming process adjusted
  • Special badge filter added to market

v4.6.5 - 04/10/2022

  • For the gen2 merge operation from rare to epic, the incorrectly defined 10 level DGCG machine requirement has been corrected to 5 level.

v4.6.4 - 20/09/2022

  • Deployed "Lucky Wheel v3."
  • Deployed UI & UX change for Account Display Name.
  • Display Names of Gen2 Avaxtars are now editable.
  • Gen2 Suffixes has been added.

v4.6.3 - 31/08/2022

  • Visual improvements have been done for items.
  • The Merge function for Gen2 Avaxtars has been expanded to include all rarities.
  • The Item Merge function has been activated for gears (helmets, gloves, boots, armors), weapons, and vehicles.
  • DGC Token generation rates of PAGMs and DGCGs have been rebalanced.
  • Price adjustment of CFGs and UCs has been made.

v4.6.2 - 25/07/2022

  • Fixed a bug with CryptoMandala market price rounding
  • Updated JS functions on machine detail pages
  • Updated machine-related events descriptions
  • Fixed a bug related to scientists in Merge process

v4.6.1 - 17/07/2022

  • Metaverse action has been taken: Automators have been activated.
  • Merge function has been activated.
  • Small adjustments for missions.
  • Quartering for PAGM Rewards
  • Quartering for Mission Rewards
  • Partner Project Listing on Marketplace: Crypto Mandala Edition

v4.6 - 29/06/2022

  • Added new missions.
  • Added Black Market (event) missions.
  • Updated old missions.
  • Adjusted MNDL cost for PAGM acceleration.
  • Added new Lucky Wheel event.
  • Updated statistics page.
  • Updated market listing page.

v4.5.7 - 19/06/2022

  • Fixed a bug with changing accounts on the gamefi screen.

v4.5.6 - 16/06/2022

  • Added new "XP Bar" and "Level Indicator" on Avaxtar detail page. 

v4.5.5 - 14/06/2022

  • Fixed minor bugs on CFG machine

v4.5.4 - 13/06/2022

  • Deployed new statistics for PAGM stats

v4.5.3 - 12/06/2022

  • Updated PAGM stats with gen2 generation details

v4.5.2 - 11/06/2022

  • Generated PAGM stats

v4.5.1 - 04/06/2022

  • Added Lucky Draw Winners on Lucky Wheel page.

v4.5 - 03/06/2022

  • Added statistics "XP Ranking for Top Agents."

v4.4.9 - 31/05/2022

  • Lucky Wheel Event has been completed.

v4.4.8 - 25/05/2022

  • Added "Top Agents" page.
  • Removed opened box from listing pages.

v4.4.7 - 17/05/2022

  • Added "Badges" on listing and detail pages.

v4.4.6 - 16/05/2022

  • Added new "Badge" feature for missions.

v4.4.5 - 12/05/2022

  • Deposit compensation for missing pagm rewards.

v4.4.4 - 10/05/2022

  • Updated MNDL token allowance.

v4.4.3 - 09/05/2022

  • Updated box detail and avaxtar detail pages.

v4.4.2 - 04/05/2022

  • Updated Team Members page.

v4.4.1 - 03/05/2022

  • Updated Web3 features.
  • Fixed metamask gas suggestion issue.

v4.4 - 21/04/2022

  • Added logs for Lucky Wheel Event.

v4.3.9 - 19/04/2022

  • Deployed "Lucky Wheel Event."

v4.3.8 - 14/04/2022

  • Added new feature "Lucky Wheel."

v4.3.7 - 04/04/2022

  • Adjusted time reducer power for the vehicles

v4.3.6 - 02/04/2022

  • Improved wallet security.

v4.3.5 - 01/04/2022

  • Added Lootbox feature.

v4.3.4 - 24/03/2022

  • Fixed Metaverse Slot NFT ui bugs.

v4.3.3 - 21/03/2022

  • Added new feature "Gift Codes"

v4.3.2 - 20/03/2022

  • Updated statistics page.
  • Added AVXT / USD price for in-game marketplace

v4.3.1 - 18/03/2022

  • Updated market prices.
  • Updated withdrawal limits.
  • Updated AVXT amounts in texts.
  • Updated currency APIs.
  • Updated in-game balances.
  • Fixed level 0 bug for Gen1 Avaxtars.

v4.3 - 17/03/2022

  • Added "Restart Mission" feature.

v4.2.9 - 14/03/2022

  • Added "history" for all machines.
  • Added "Your Machines" button to machine detail page.
  • Fixed some UI bugs.

v4.2.8 - 10/03/2022

  • Applied performance updates for all pages.

v4.2.7 - 09/03/2022

  • Updated ENXT, DGC digits on Gamefi screen.
  • Updated gears names on Gamefi screen.
  • Added gears' rarity and success rates to Gamefi screen.

v4.2.6 - 07/03/2022

  • Added new security features on wallet operations.
  • Set new alarms on wallet operations.

v4.2.5 - 06/03/2022

  • Users' active missions disabled on mission selection page.

v4.2.4 - 05/03/2022

  • Improved machine features and visuals.

v4.2.3 - 03/03/2022

  • Moved search engine servers to the new location.

v4.2.2 - 28/02/2022

  • Updated search features for the machines.
  • Fixed some bugs on machines.

v4.2.1 - 27/02/2022

  • Added "In Machine" status for gen2 Avaxtars.

v4.2 - 26/02/2022

  • Updated transfer operations for the machine.

v4.1.9 - 25/02/2022

  • CFG Airdrop for PAGM owners

v4.1.8 - 24/02/2022

  • Applied performance optimization for indexers.

v4.1.7 - 23/02/2022

  • Updated generation of gen2 avaxtars.

v4.1.6 - 21/02/2022

  • Updated machine images and pages.
  • Updated machine logs.
  • Updated costs of machines.

v4.1.5 - 19/02/2022

  • Added approval checkbox before convert high-level gen2 avaxtars to scientist.
  • Improved GameFi screen page loads.

v4.1.4 - 16/02/2022

  • Added upgrade feature to the new machines.

v4.1.3 - 15/02/2022

  • Gen2 to scientist convertion added.

v4.1.2 - 14/02/2022

  • Added lock feature for all transfer and buy operations.

v4.1.1 - 13/02/2022

  • Fixed some bugs for buying machine.

v4.1 - 11/02/2022

  • Improved gamefi screens.
  • Updated game engine for the new machines.

v4.0 - 10/02/2022

  • My lab page updated with new machine images.
  • Added pages for the new machines.

v3.1.8 - 08/02/2022

  • "Unit Trainer / Converter" machine was created.
  • "DGC Generator" machine was created.

v3.1.9 - 08/02/2022

  • Visual updates applied on PAGM & Missions.

v3.1.7 - 06/02/2022

  • "Cold Fusion Generator" machine was created.
  • Improved Avaxtars Listing pages.
  • Added MNDL to wallet operations.

v3.1.6 - 04/02/2022

  • New token staking contract (MNDL) has been deployed.

v3.1.4 - 03/02/2022

  • Fixed some bugs on missions.
  • Added $MNDL token indexer.
  • Security updates to sign transactions.

v3.1.3 - 29/01/2022

  • Added new "sort by level" feature on market page.
  • Added new "filter by level" feature on market page.

v3.1.2 - 27/01/2022

  • Applied performance updates for statistics page.
  • Applied performance updates for events page.
  • New machine images for PAGMs have been deployed.

v3.1.1 - 26/01/2022

  • Updated: Event Logs & Statistics infrastructure were redesigned to increase general site performance.
  • Updated: New Roadmap is added to Game Phases Page
  • Updated: Many details are updated on Avaxtars website according to latest developments

v3.1 - 18/01/2022

  • New: Metaverse slot is now active for Crypto Mandala NFTs.
  • Updated: Many bugs and problems have been fixed for GameFi

v3.0 - 30/12/2021

  • New: Phase 3 is now active in Beta Period. Let the adventure begin!
  • New: Gears, Weapons, Gadgets are available for transfer & trade on Marketplace
  • Updated: Many other things ;) This is just a beginnig of a new era.

v2.9.5 - 24/11/2021

  • New: The $ENXT Token System is now operational. $ENXT will play an important role in Phase 3 and will be used as energy for numerous interactions. To get more information about $ENXT on our Tokens Explainedcontent.
  • New: $ENXT Contract Address: 0x164334ed9e63fbedc8b52e6dbd408af4f051419f
  • New: $ENXT Token was awarded to liquidity providers to the $AVXT-$AVAX pools on Pangolin and Trader Joe.
  • New: Players may check their Pool Addings and Removings and their earnings under My $ENXT Tokens Page.
  • New: New filter options have been added to Marketplace and My Wallet. In PAGM and Available selections can now be used to filter Gen1 and Gen2 Avaxtars.
  • Updated: Many changes have been made to Avaxtars' website in order to reflect the game structure.

v2.9.4 - 17/11/2021

v2.9.3 - 16/11/2021

  • New: MEXC becomes the first Central Crypto Exchange to list $AVXT/USDT Pair.
  • New: Anyone can deposit $AVXT to MEXC. Transaction will start 17.11.2021 @12:00  PM (UTC

v2.9.2 - 26/10/2021

  • Updated: Following the production of 30,000 Gen2s, the practice of reducing the amount of rewards in successful PAGM processes every time 2500 new Gen2s are produced has been discontinued. $AVXT rewards in New Gen2 productions will no longer decrease on a regular basis. Similarly, the cost reducing for PAGM acceleration processes were discontinued. In the coming months, we intend to make new arrangements in terms of reward and acceleration costs.
  • New: The approximate end date and time can now be seen based on the selections made before the PAGM processes begin.
  • New: On the statistics page, new lines have been added to show total sales and volumes of Gen2 and PAGM.
  • New: Time information for all Avaxtars records is now displayed in each player's local time zone.
  • New: When Gen2s are placed on the market for sale, the sale prices are now displayed on the detail pages, under their names.

v2.9.1 - 18/10/2021

  • Updated: The internal Marketplace now allows you to list Gen2 Avaxtars for 1 $AVXT. The new minimum listing price is $AVXT 0.01
  • General: The development team has purchased 150 Gen2 Avaxtars from the Marketplace to be used in the upcoming awards.

v2.9 - 13/10/2021

  • New: $DGC Withdraw and Deposit functions now active under My Wallet page. 
  • New: Gen2 Avaxtars can now be traded on the marketplace with the $AVXT Token.
  • New: PAGM Devices can now be traded on the marketplace with the $AVXT Token.
  • New: The transfer function for Gen2 Avaxtars and PAGM is available under the Gen2 Avaxtar and PAGM detail page.
  • New: PAGM Devices are now visible under Browse and My Wallet filtering system. Click on Items tab, then select PAGMs.
  • New:My PAGMs page, PAGMs under Browse and PAGMs under My Wallet now reflecting working details and Marketplace status.
  • Updated$AVXT Token has 6 decimals. We updated all the functions on the backend to reflect exact values without rounding down or up.
  • Fixed: Pagination errors on different event pages.
  • Fixed: Several frontend problems.These had no effect on any of the main functions.

v2.8.1 - 26/09/2021

  • New: PAGMs are now capable of generating $DGC Tokens using 2 Gen2 Avaxtars. You may read the details on our Tokens Explained page.

v2.8 - 18/09/2021

  • New: Failed PAGM Processes now generate Digital Genetic Code ($DGC) Tokens. The amount of $DGC Tokens generated is determined by the rarity levels of the Avaxtars used during Avaxtar Farming (AF).

v2.7.3 - 14/09/2021

  • New: Earnings for successful processes are now shown in PAGM's history record lines.
  • Fixed: The correct values for speed up spendings are now displayed in PAGM history records.
  • Updated: Various small bugs and visual enchancements on website interface

v2.7.2 - 06/09/2021

v2.7.1 - 05/09/2021

2.8 - 31/08/2021

  • New: Signatures are now required on a session basis, rather than transaction basis. All operations can now be completed with a single signature in the same browser tab.
  • New: Avaxtars now compatible with Ledger and Trezor Hardware Wallets.
  • New: Marketplace is available for Box sales with $AVXT Tokens
    • Total comission with $AVXT sales are 10%.
    • 5% of the sale comissions returns to the game pool.
    • 5% of the sale comissions for developer accounts.
  • New: Unfinished AVXT withdraws to the On-Chain wallets now can be finished via My Wallet interface.
  • Updated: Many CSS problems fixed for a better nice interface.

v2.7 - 20/08/2021

  • Updated: Avaxtar locked to the PAGM process can no longer be put on the market. "Go to PAGM" button will appear on Avaxtar details page.
  • Updated: If an Avaxtar in PAGM is sold in the market, the PAGM process will fail immediately.

v2.6.1 - 13/08/2021

  • New: PAGM pages now show transaction histories.
  • New: PAGM acceleration operations have been added to the global events list. 
  • Fixed: Many small problems were fixed.
  • Known Problem: PAGM Accelaration fees on PAGM transaction histories not displayed correctly.

v2.6 - 09/08/2021

  • New: Browse and Events pages codes were rewritten completely. No more Metamask connection is needed anymore to browse those pages.

v2.5.3 - 07/08/2021

  • New: Remaining Gen1 Avaxtars is shown on the main page.
  • Fixed: Pagination on My Logs is now working properly
  • Fixed: $AVXT transfer arrows under My PAGMs page is now working properly
  • Fixed: Clear Filter under Browse now works properly

v2.5.2 - 06/08/2021

  • New: While starting a new PAGM process now only available Avaxtars are listed on selections.
  • Fixed: Pagination is added to the My Logs page.

v2.5.1 - 04/08/2021

  • Fixed: PAGM Acceleration problem solved. 

v2.5 - 04/08/2021

  • New: Our new website design is online with many functional developments.
  • Updated: The marketplace is now a part of Browse, you may just select items for sale to see the content of Marketplace.
  • Updated: My Wallet is completely rebuilt and you may access everything by using filters and the My Wallet menu.

v2.3.2 - 11/07/2021

v2.3.1 - 09/07/2021

  • New: When 2.500 Gen 2 Avaxtars have generated the rewards for successful PAGM processes will be reduced by 25% automatically. All the required algorithms are deployed to Layer 2.

v2.3 - 05/07/2021

  • New: PAGM Acceleration options are now available. Players can pay with $AVXT to shorten the required time for the PAGM progress. Whenever 2.500 new Gen2 Avaxtars would be created those costs will be reduced by 25%.
    • 20% Acceleration is 1 $AVXT 
    • 40% Acceleration is 3 $AVXT 
    • 60% Acceleration is 7,5 $AVXT 

v2.2.1 - 28/06/2021

  • New: On the My PAGMs page, all devices now show the remaining processing times and the ranking is based on the remaining time.
  • Updated: Change Log numbers revised.

v2.2 - 25/06/2021

  • New: Avaxtars is now fully compatible with Metamask Mobile. Anyone can access via Metamask Mobile Browser.

v2.1.2 - 21/06/2021

  • Updated: Main menu element updated.

v2.1.1 - 19/06/2021

  • Fixed: PAGM claim function fixed because of an error. Some failed PAGM devices (ID: 8,15,147) are rolled back to finish status.
  • Fixed: Gen 2 characters now are visible in wallets correctly.

v2.1 - 18/06/2021

  • New: PagmStart, PagmSuccess, and PagmFailed events are added to the Events Page.
  • New: PAGM IDs are added to the PagmBuy event on the Events Page.
  • New: A dedicated PAGM Sales pageis active and added to the main menu.
  • New: My PAGMS page now shows all the counters on every PAGM device.
  • New: PAGM detail page now shows the locked Avaxtar images.
  • Fixed: Errors due to Metamask versioning.
  • Fixed: Transfer errors between Game Wallet and Matamask Wallet because of the decimal values.

v2.0 - 14/06/2021

  • New: Phase 2 is active now
  • New: $AVXT Smart Contract deployed to the Avalanche C-Chain.
  • New: $AVXT Smart Contract Address is 0x397bBd6A0E41bdF4C3F971731E180Db8Ad06eBc1
  • New: You can open your Boxes and get gears, weapons, skills, and vehicles. Click here to view your claimed Boxes.
  • New: You can list all of the items you got from Boxes here.
  • New: PAGM is active. You buy a PAGM device here. Every PAGM device is 20 $AVXT and there is no limitation to buy PAGM devices
  • New: By using PAGM devices you can start Avaxtar Farming (AF) here.
  • New: You can view and manage your $AVXT Token transactions here.
  • Changed: Bidding was removed from the game dynamics.
  • Changed: If you have an active bid to any Avaxtars you may cancel it here.

v1.7 - 31/05/2021

  • New: Snapshot has been taken on 31th 2021 at 18:00 UTC to define all wallets with Avaxtar ERC-721 Tokens.
  • New:$AVXT Token listing page published.

v1.6.3 - 23/05/2021

  • New: Event Names are active links to filter events
  • New: Events menu has sub selections for event specific pages

v1.6.2 - 15/05/2021

v1.6.1 - 28/04/2021

  • New: Now anyone can transfer their Avaxtars to another C-Chain address via the Avaxtar details page
  • Update: JS interfaces are updated to support different languages

v1.6 - 25/04/2021

  • New: Avaxtars now has a multi-language structure. The first language we are supporting is Turkish. Other languages will be added in the future.

v1.5 - 22/04/2021

  • New: BoxDrop feature is online for the first 10.000 Avaxtars. Read all the details here.
  • New: BoxDrop events added to the Events List page.
  • New: Avaxtars added to DappRadar Database. Link
  • Update: Many UI improvements have been made to reflect BoxDrop ability of Avaxtars.
  • Update: Many warnings are added to the User Interface actions.
  • Press: features Avaxtars. Link
  • Youtube Review by Mavi Tabure Part 2. Link
  • Youtube Review by Mavi Tabure Part 1. Link
  • Youtube Review by CederNet. Link

v1.0.5 - 12/04/2021

  • New: On the Events Page,Avaxtar IDs are now clickable and showing rarity levels with badges.
  • Update: Minor visual arrangements has been done on Events Page data types.

v1.0.4 - 11/04/2021

    • New: DropBox feature revealed. Read all the details here.
    • Update: Home Page is updated to reflect the upcoming v1.5 update.
    • Update: Menu System is updated

v1.0.3 - 09/04/2021

    • New: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page is live. Link
    • Press: Ahmet Usta explained Avaxtars on Bloomberg HT. The link will be ready soon.
    • Press: E-Girisim featured Avaxtars. Link

v1.0.2 - 05/04/2021

  • Bugfix: “Remove from Marketplace” bug fixed on My Wallet / Marketplace tab.
  • New: Visitors may close the Metamask warning and browse Avaxtars website with mobile browsers.
  • New: Changelog Page activated. (
  • New: Event Log for Avaxtars Smart Contract activated. (
  • New: Minor visual enhancements on the homepage and on different pages
  • New: Powered by Avalanche Logo added to the footer.
  • Community: Avaxtars (AVXT) Official Announcements Telegram Channel is ready now. (
  • Press: Muhabbit featured Avaxtars. Link
  • Press: BCTR featured Avaxtars. Link
  • Press: Webrazzi featured Avaxtars. Link
  • Press: Coinkolik featured Avaxtars. Link
  • Press: Ludens featured Avaxtars. Link
  • Press: Mesut Çevik published a video about Avaxtars Project.Link

v1.0.1 - 02/04/2021

  • Bugfix: Various interface bugs fixed
  • Community: Avaxtars Twitter account activated (
  • New: Various interface enhancements published
  • Press: Avalanche Weekly Newsletter featured Avaxtars. Link

v1.0.0 - 31/03/2021

  • launched