-First Minting (Gen1) & PAGM
-Backend Integration
-Avaxtars Farming (AVXT & Gen2) has started

-DGC Airdrop for Failed PAGMs
-DGC Farming in PAGMs

-PAGM & Gen2 Marketplace opening
-ENXT Rewards for AVXT-AVAX Liquidity Providers
-Phase 3 (Game Launch)

-Launching the Metaverse Slot
-My Lab Opening
-Devices Introduction

-Introducing PvP Mechanics
-Battle Pass System
-Improvement of Gen1 Visuals (3D)

-Guild System
-New Chain Integration

-1.Blockchain Wars -Third Chain Integration
-Third Chain Integration

-Fourth Chain Integration

Avaxtars Game Phases

Phase 1

Phase 1 started on March 31, 2021, @21:00 (UTC+3).

Everyone can generate new Avaxtars by covering their costs. A maximum of 5 Avaxtars can be generated at one time. Those Avaxtars are Generation 1 (Gen1) and the maximum amount of Gen1 Avaxtars that can be generated is 10.000.

Every Avaxtar has a unique Digital Genetic Code (DGC) and we guarantee that all of them are different than each other and unique. In addition to that, every Avaxtar has a rarity level. Avaxtar rarities have a basic success rate that will affect many things in upcoming phases. Here is the Avaxtar Distribution Table by rarities and their corresponding success bases.


Total Avaxtars10.000DistributionBadgeSuccess Base

Gen1 Avaxtars has a special ability called BoxDrop. You may get more information about BoxDrophere.

Phase 2

Phase 2 started on June 14, 2021, @18:00 (UTC+3).

As the first step of Phase 2 all wallets, those carrying at least one Avaxtar, benefited AVAXTARS ($AVXT) Token Airdrop. All tokens were distributed corresponding to the total Avaxtars in the wallets regardless of the rarity levels.

Our $AVXT Token Contract Address is: 0x397bBd6A0E41bdF4C3F971731E180Db8Ad06eBc1


On the second step of Phase 2, players are able to purchase a “Personal Avaxtar Generation Machine (PAGM)here with $AVXT Tokens. Every PAGM device is 20 $AVXT and there is no limit for players to purchase as many PAGMs as they want.

PAGM can analyze the digital genetic codes of the Gen1 Avaxtars, process them and create new Avaxtars. Those Avaxtars are Generation 2 (Gen2).  We called this Avaxtar Farming (AF). For the AF process, two Avaxtars should be locked in PAGM for a while. Don’t worry, Avaxtars are not real humans, their existence is in Quantnet thus their feelings are not the same as we have.

Unfortunately, our scientist informed us that the AFprocess requires some time and cannot be completed successfully on every try. The basic success rate multiplier is 50%. But this can be increased by the rarity levels of the Avaxtars used for the AFprocess. In addition to this, the required time for the AFprocess decreases by the rarity of Avaxtars used for AF. Here are the tables for Success Rates and Waiting Times.


Success Matrix of AF

Uncommon 0,600,650,730,78
Rare  0,700,780,83
Epic   0,850,90
Legend    0,95

Process Time for AF (Days)

Uncommon 6,305,955,435,08
Rare  5,605,084,73
Epic   4,554,20
Legend    3,85


Let’s dive deep into these tables.

If an Agent locks two Common Avaxtars in the PAGM then the waiting time will be 7 days and at the end of this process, the success rate is 50%. In this example, if PAGM fails to generate a new Avaxtar, the locked ones return to their Agents.

If an Agent locks two Legend Avaxtars in the PAGM, the waiting time for a new Avaxtar will be 3,85 days, and the success rate of 0,95 means that at the end of 3,85 days a new Avaxtar will be generated 95%.

Farmed new unique Avaxtars will have the same distribution percentages as now to become indifferent rarities. (45% Common, 30% Uncommon, 20% Rare, 4% Epic and 1% Legend)

Every new Avaxtar brings some $AVXT Tokens with it. The amount of $AVXT Token brought by the new character depends on the rarity of that Avaxtar. Common ones bring 10 $AVXT, Uncommon ones 12 $AVXT, Rare Ones 14 $AVXT, Epic ones 17 $AVXT, and Legend ones bring 20 $AVXT.

After the creation of every 2.500 Gen2 Avaxtars, the rewards are reduced by 25%.

Agents will have the option to speed up the required time for the AF process by spending some $AVXT Tokens. Here are the $AVXT costs of speed-ups.

PAGM Speed Up Costs

Like the awards for a successful AFprocess, after creating every new 2.500 Gen2 Avaxtars those costs are reduced by 25%.

Phase 3

Phase 3 started on December 30, 2021, @21:00 (UTC+3) in Beta period.

With the start of Phase 3 Beta period, all Avaxtars can go to missions, gain experience, and reach new levels.

Here is the GameFi Mission Interface of the Phase 3. 

With the GameFi interface, agents can send their Avaxtars on missions. As a result of those missions, players can earn various rewards and level up by earning experience points.

All the equipments and weapons may be used by Gen2 Avaxtars to increase the success rate of the missions and  Vehicles may be used to reduce the required time for the missions.

At the moment there are 4 main Sections on Avaxtars GameFi interface and every Section offers different Missions. Missions are based on Avaxtars levels and beginning with the first mission Avaxtars earn experience to level up. Every missions requires some resources and offers some rewards.

For example; "Let The Adventure Begin" mission in Section 1 is the first mission for any Avaxtars can complete.
This mission requires 10 $ENXT and getting a successful result will award the player with 10 $DGC.  During the beta period this mission requires no $ENXT and also rewards an additional 10 $ENXT. In addition to those metrics this mission requires 12 hours to be complete and players earn 25 XP (experience points) at the end of this mission.

If a mission can not be completed successfully then the player get lesser reward but the whole XP.

Please check the required XP to reach a new level on our Whitepaper.

Some missions require other missions to be completed first and if you read the descriptions carefully you may notice that there is story for those linked missions.

Some missions require Avaxtars with a specific rarity like Rare, Epic or Legend.

Enjoy the details of the missions. We'll reveal more sections and additional missions as long as the players keep playing the game.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We'll reveal more additional features for the Avaxtars. Please refer our Whitepaper to get more information and details.

We’ll definitely defend our planet, and we’ll win this war.