Avaxtars Roadmap

Phase 1

Phase 1 started on March 31, 2021, @21:00 (UTC+3). During Phase 1 everyone can generate new Avaxtars by covering their costs. A maximum of 5 Avaxtars can be generated at one time. The maximum amount of Avaxtars that can be generated on Phase 1 is 10.000.

Every Avaxtar has a unique Digital Genetic Code (DGC) and we guarantee that all of them are different than each other and unique. In addition to that, every Avaxtar has a rarity level. Avaxtar rarities have a basic success rate that will affect many things in upcoming phases. Here is the Avaxtar Distribution Table by rarities and their corresponding success bases.


Total Avaxtars 10.000 Distribution Badge Success Base
Common 4.500 45% 0.5
Uncommon 3.000 30% 0.6
Rare 2.000 20% 0.7
Epic 400 4% 0.85
Legend 100 1% 0.95


Whenever 10.000 Avaxtars are generated on Phase 1, Phase 2 will begin in the following seven days.

Phase 2

On the first step of Phase 2 all wallets, those carrying at least 1 Avaxtar, will benefit AVAXTARS (AVXT) Token Airdrop. All tokens will be distributed corresponding to the total Avaxtars in the wallets regardless of the rarity levels.



Total AVXT 1.000.000 Premined
Team 150.000 Dev. Purposes
Boxes 102.300 From the BoxDrop Abilities
Airdrop 100.000 On Phase 2
Farming 647.700 Distributed via game progress
1 AVXT= 1.000.000 XT  

On the second step of Phase 2, everyone will be able to purchase a “Personal Avaxtar Generation Machine (PAGM)” with AVXT Tokens. We’ll announce the price of this complicated machine later because our scientists are still working on this technology.

PAGM can analyze the digital genetic codes, process them and create new Avaxtars. We called this Avaxtar Farming (AF). For the AF process, two Avaxtars should be locked in PAGM for a while. Don’t worry, Avaxtars are not real humans, their existence is in Quantnet thus their feelings are not the same as we have.

Unfortunately, our scientist informed us that the AF process requires some time and cannot be completed successfully on every try. The basic success rate multiplier is 50%. But this can be increased by the rarity levels of the Avaxtars used for the AF process. In addition to this, the required time for the AF process decreases by the rarity of Avaxtars used for AF. Here are the tables for Success Rates and Waiting Times.


Success Matrix of AF

  Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legend
Common 0,50 0,55 0,60 0,68 0,73
Uncommon   0,60 0,65 0,73 0,78
Rare     0,70 0,78 0,83
Epic       0,85 0,90
Legend         0,95

Process Time for AF (Days)

  Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legend
Common 7,00 6,65 6,30 5,78 5,43
Uncommon   6,30 5,95 5,43 5,08
Rare     5,60 5,08 4,73
Epic       4,55 4,20
Legend         3,85

Let’s dive deep into these tables.

If an Agent locks two Common Avaxtars in the PAGM then the waiting time will be 7 days and at the end of this process, the success rate is 50%. In this example, if PAGM fails to generate a new Avaxtar, the locked ones return to their Agents.

If an Agent locks two Legend Avaxtars in the PAGM, the waiting time for a new Avaxtar will be 3,85 days, and the success rate of 0,95 means that at the end of 3,85 days a new Avaxtar will be generated 95%.

Every new Avaxtar brings some AVXT tokens with it. The amount of AVXT token brought by the new character depends on the rarity of that Avaxtar. Common ones bring 10 AVXT, Uncommon ones 12 AVXT, Rare Ones 14 AVXT, Epic ones 17 AVXT, and Legend ones bring 20 AVXT.

Agents will have the option to immediately finish the required time for AF by spending some AVXT Tokens. We’ll announce details for these metrics later. All the AVXT tokens will return to the pool and can be farmed again later by game progress.

Farmed new unique Avaxtars will have the same distribution percentages as now to become indifferent rarities.


Phase 3

In Phase 3, all Avaxtars can complete missions, gain experience, and reach new levels.

Unique awesome missions to complete to get experience and AVXT Tokens

Every mission and new level brings AVXT Tokens as rewards to their Agents.

Hundreds of different Skills to use as Avaxtar Traits

Avaxtars will unlock new traits by reaching new levels and hundreds of different skills can be equipped to Avaxtars.

Skill trees to benefit hundreds of different skills

Talent tree, new equipment, weapons, vehicles, teams, and many more…

Lots of different weapons to equip

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll definitely defend our planet, and we’ll win this war.

*Please note that all visuals are representing an unfinished development process. The final game may be different than presented here.