DGC Generator

Digital Genetic Code Generator (DGCG) will be used to farm Digital Genetic Code Token ($DGC). There is no limit for DGCG like PAGMs.

  • Players will be able to buy 1 DGCG per account at the moment.
  • The base price for a DGCG is 6000 $AVXT.
  • DGCGs will be bought as Level 1.
  • Locking a scientist into DGCG and paying the upgrade cost with $ENXT will upgrade it to the next level.
  • The required amount of scientists to upgrade DGCG is 1 and the required $ENXT is 25 for each level.
  • Scientists will be locked permanently in DGCG for upgrading the level of DGCG.
  • Gen2 Avaxtars will be put into DGCG to farm $DGC Token.
  • Gen2 Avaxtars’ rarity will affect the outcome of the DGCG Process.
  • Every 7 days, users should claim produced $DGC Tokens and will start the process again (Just like the process of PAGMs).

DGC Generator Table is shown below:

DGC Generator Table

According to this table a player may lock 5 Gen2 Avaxtars into a level 5 DGCC. Let’s assume all of those Avaxtars are Rare then this DGCC will produce 200 $DGC per 7 days.